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Discover what the people say about Nicamisol and how their lives were transformed thanks to solar energy

Lou's life

“Before the system, life was uncomfortable every time the power went out because we relied on electricity to obtain water and clean the pool. Also, it was difficult to rent because we couldn’t promise continuous electric power”

From Ireland with Love

Living in Nicaragua for 25 years, Paul knew the challenge of moving to an area far from the country’s big cities, but thanks to his solar system, his worries are part of the past.

5 Years of Nicamisol

Five years ago, our co-founders met at a birthday party, where their shared passion for renewable energy fueled the creation of Nicamisol.

Meyla's solar journey

Located in the heart of the Caribbean, on Nicaragua’s picturesque Corn Island, a remarkable transformation has occurred. Meyla, along with her mother and her 91-year-old grandmother, embraced change when Nicamisol installed a state-of-the-art solar energy system at her home.

Eve's Story

From beautiful San Juan del Sur, we find Eve and her story full of challenges and triumphs, which she herself explains to us with her unwavering charisma and sincerity.

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