Paul Phelan's Story

Improving Home Efficiency in San Juan del Sur

Can you tell us about you and your solar system?

My name is Paul Phelan and my system was installed 18 months ago. Since then I don’t get electricity bills or the power cuts I used to have, I also think that my appliances will last longer because I have constant power and I’m not getting surges.

What's the best of having a solar system?

It is nice to come home and know that you will have energy, you don’t have to worry about power cuts. You have no idea how nice is to be here in April at 2am in the morning and know that you will not spend the rest of the night sweating.

Why did you choose solar energy?

I enjoy working on solar, I like the fact that I create my own green energy and it gives me a great sense of independence.

Since I came to Nicaragua 25 years ago, in the country I grew up we always had power, we didn’t worry about it.¬†Now I’m going to back to that kind of thinking because I don’t have to worry about power cuts.

How would you describe working with Nicamisol?

They were extremely professional from the moment I contacted them.

During the conversation, they helped me understand what kind of system I needed to cover my energy needs. I understood the project before spending any money and their installation was quick and thorough. Their after sales service is fantastic, they were here when I needed them and I would definitely recommend them.

Are you looking to install a Solar System?