Lu Fiore's Story

How Nicamisol made my life easier in Remanso beach.

Good morning! Can you tell us a little about you?

Good morning Jan! My name is Lu Fiore, and I had the wonderful system installed in January of 2022.

What has changed for you since then?

The biggest thing that’s changed for me, by far, is reliability on electrical power, that was my primary motivator on getting the system. I’m green conscious so I’m pleased to be able to use solar power instead of electrical power, but to be completely honest, the motivation is that the power outages here at Remanso Beach are frequent, sometimes of long duration, a couple of days, often for only an hour or two.

Here we rely on electricity for obtaining water, so our well pump, pressure pump and the pool pumps require electricity, so when power goes out, life can become a bit uncomfortable. We can tolerate for an hour or two, but for two or three days, rarely, but it’s happened. It makes it very difficult for my family, we are here for a couple of months a year, but also makes it difficult to rent because the lack of reliability for electricity.

What have you liked about working with Nicamisol?

Their prompt to install the system, they educated me as to why use solar, how it worked, they sized the system appropriately for the house.

I didn’t need a system that could do everything, I needed a system that could help me with the power outages. I didn’t need a system because of the return on investment, but they convince me easily that it was worth the investment and that the cost of the system pays for itself over a period of years, from eight to twelve years, depending on the durability of the equipment and how much sun exposure you get.

I think that if the system survives the ten years they promised, and there’s no reason I think it won’t, because it’s been performing excellently, it’ll pay for itself.

They kept it simple, they kept it efficient and it worked. During the two years I had a number of problems, the vast majority due to the surrounding infrastructure, the way electricity is delivered here, and because of that alerts were being generated by the system saying that things weren’t quite right, I can’t tell you how many times I emailed the team citing the problem, prompt responses not always with immediate fix, but working it out and getting back to me.

How Nicamisol helped to fix those initial issues?

As it turns out, I was able to improve my immediate electrical infrastructure here by making changes to the house wiring that I didn’t even know needed to be changed, especially with respect to grounding, and once we got through that, for the last six months it’s been clear sailing.

I don’t get alerts and the system seems to be functioning well.

I did consult with them once during the two-year period for whether or not I might do better with one extra battery and we looked at the data, they do have access to all the data which is wonderful, they can tell real time what’s going on which is fabulous, and we decided to add a battery and with that extra battery getting us close to 17 or 18 kilowatt hours per day, my wife and I when we’re here, we can make it through the night without any need for using grid electricity.

When the house is loaded with guests we go to grid for a few hours a day and should there be a power outage in the area, those few hours a day we could be without electricity from roughly 4 a.m. to 8 a.m. at the most, and so very survivable and I can explain that to clients and that we haven’t had an issue.

All that is made possible by the professional service that they deliver, by the 24-7 availability, and again I’ll say if you live in Nicaragua there are not many things that work that way, and these guys have it down.

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