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Meyla’s Solar Journey with Nicamisol Nestled in the heart of the Caribbean, on the picturesque Corn Island of Nicaragua, a remarkable transformation took place. Meyla, along with her mother and 91-year-old grandmother, embraced change as Nicamisol installed a state-of-the-art solar energy system in their home. This upgrade to their home not only slashed their electricity costs, but also provides a reliable solution to the frequent power outages on the island. The Challenge: Corn Island’s Unstable Grid Corn Island, despite its beauty, struggles with a highly unreliable electricity grid. Residents face voltage fluctuations and prolonged power outages, making everyday life challenging. The cost of electricity is another burden, often leading to high bills. Meyla, who splits her time between the United States and Corn Island, knew the struggle of dealing with the island’s unstable electricity grid, acting as a barrier to a comfortable life for her family, especially for her elderly grandmother. Meyla’s Path to Nicamisol Meyla embarked on a quest that included consulting with top solar companies in Managua, U.S. firms, and with island residents who had opted for solar power. However, she was met with warnings: “be very careful. These big companies install your system, take your money and leave you to fend for yourself when something goes wrong. Just be careful!” Meyla’s exhaustive search for a trustworthy solar provider led her to Nicamisol and our founder, Jonas. Meeting Nicamisol: A Turning Point Meyla reports that from their first interaction, Jonas’ professionalism, patience, and genuine kindness stood out. “He described for us all that Nicamisol could provide, patiently answered all of our questions (and we had many) and checked in often to ensure we had what we needed to make this decision. In short, Jonas exuded a genuine kindness and care that had been missing during our search.” From Mainland to Island: The Two-Day Trek to Corn Island The installation journey was an adventure in itself. Our team embarked on a nearly two-day trek, crossing Nicaragua by truck and then making the final leg to Corn Island by boat. Meyla remembers that “the team of 5 arrived and, in less than 2 days, had installed our system. Every member of the Nicamisol team was kind, supportive and uber professional. It was obvious that they were experts in the field of solar energy.” Exceeding Expectations: Meyla’s Experience with Nicamisol Meyla recommends that “If you are considering solar energy, look no further than this company. Nicamisol is an impressive operation: they do not miss deadlines, have parts in stock and get the work done quickly and efficiently. What truly sets them apart, however, is the level of care they provide each customer. Throughout the process, we felt like Jonas’ only customer. And even after installation and activation of the system, we feel safe knowing that the Nicamisol team is monitoring remotely, ready to step in and provide support whenever we need it. From start to finish, Jonas and team made this project enjoyable and memorable. We almost gave up on our solar dreams. The process just seemed impossible – until we found Nicamisol”. Click here to see the full review Illuminating Lives, One Home at a Time. This project was more than just installing solar panels, batteries and an inverter: it was about empowering a family with sustainable, reliable energy. For Meyla, her mother and her grandmother, the solar energy system brought stability and independence, liberating them from the unpredictability of the local grid and high electricity costs. The relationship with our customers extends far beyond installation. We provide ongoing remote monitoring and support, ensuring that our systems continue to operate efficiently and effectively. For Meyla and her family, this means peace of mind, knowing they have a reliable energy source and a team ready to assist at a moment’s notice. At Nicamisol, we are not just installing solar panels; we are illuminating lives, one home at a time. Are you looking to install a Solar System? Get a Free Estimate

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Conoce la historia de Eve Rivas ¿Qué ha cambiado para ti desde que tienes el Sistema? “¡Todo. mi vida! No tengo que pensar si voy a tener suficiente energía o si se acabará. No tengo que preocuparme por dejar las cosas encendidas, ni por cuánto será mi factura cada mes. ¡Porque la electricidad aquí es muy cara! ¡Y la gente pasa tiempo preocupándose!” ¿Qué te ha gustado más al trabajar con Nicamisol? “Ustedes chicos, Jan y tu Jonas, ¡Son muy receptivos! Si tengo una pregunta, envío un mensaje de texto o llamo, ¡te comunicas de inmediato! ¡Eso no sucede hoy en día! Hoy en día recibes mensajes largos, tienes que llamar a atención al cliente, tienes que presionar uno, presionar cuatro, hacer esto, hacer aquello… ¡Todavía estás en contacto con tus clientes, todavía te preocupas por nosotros, nos amas, vienes a nuestra propiedad y me ayudas!” ¿Cómo es el rendimiento de tu sistema? “¡Mi sistema no ha fallado desde el día que lo instalaron! Tengo total confianza porque he pasado por días nublados, he pasado por la temporada de lluvias. Mi sistema nunca ha fallado porque sé cómo usarlo y es tan eficiente, lo amo tanto, ¡es lo mejor que he comprado en mi vida!” ¿Estás buscando instalar un Sistema Solar? Obtenga su presupuesto gratis

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Welcome to Eve´s Story Rivas What has changed for you since you have the system? “Everything! My life! I don’t have to think about whether I’m going to have enough power or I’m going to run out. I don’t have to worry about leaving things on or how much my bill’s going to be every month. Because electricity here is so expensive! And people actually spend time worrying!” What have you liked about working with Nicamisol? “You guys, Jan and you, Jonas, are so responsive! If I have a question, I text or I call, you get back to me right away! That doesn’t happen in this day and age! In this day and age you get long messages, you have to call customer support, you have to press one press four do this do that… You’re still in touch with your clients, you still care about us, and you love us, and you come to our property and you help me!” How´s the performance of your system? “My system hasn’t gone down since the day they put it! I have total confidence because I’ve gone through cloudy days, I’ve been through the rainy season. My system has never gone down because I know how to use it, and it’s so efficient I love it so much I it’s the best thing I’ve ever bought in my life!” Are you looking to install a Solar System? Get a Free Estimate

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Contact Us The Before Situation The Solution we Gave The Results Are you looking to install a Solar System? Get a Free Quote Servicios Empresa Proyectos Funeraria Monte de los Olivos 2 C al lago, casa #206 M/D, 14033 Colonial Los Robles, Managua, Nicaragua. 87138060 Click here

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Contáctenos The Before Situation The Solution we Gave The Results Are you looking to install a Solar System? Get a Free Quote Servicios Empresa Proyectos Funeraria Monte de los Olivos 2 C al lago, casa #206 M/D, 14033 Colonial Los Robles, Managua, Nicaragua. 87138060 Click here

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Residential Solar Instalation  Rivas The Before Situation The Solution we Gave The Results Are you looking to instal a Solar System? Get a Free Quote